Why Health Insurance Is Important

Often times healthcare is overlooked as an important aspect of our lives. We think that we are healthy and ultimately with just that we decide health insurance isn’t for us.WRONG.

As it may be that you consider yourself healthy, many adults do…until they are diagnosed with terminal illness, serious disease, or a life changing event occurs. We as a nation, a whole, have decided that healthcare is only for the sick, the very young, and the elderly. But that is not the case. It is important for EVERYONE to have healthcare, health insurance, regular check ups because we need to start focusing on preventative care. I find it very few and far in between that people just KNOW they are going to be sick before they are actually sick, most times it comes very suddenly. So get INSURED.#GETCOVERED

You do not know if the next time you are walking Lucky down that uneven cement sidewalk that you may be spraining your ankle, or if the next time you are out buying the fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and carrots for dinner that night that you’re going to have a serious accident

Curious about how much a sprained ankle costs without health insurance?

Yes, you read correctly, it’s about $1,498.And as you go down the list of costs for injuries you will find that many other common injuries are fairly expensive.And I really doubt that you would be happy about the cost of your medical bills after an accident…we would all be scared for you. But really,the worst part is…IT’S THE EMERGENCY ROOM.Why waste not only A. Your money but B. YOUR TIME C. Everyone else’s time?

See, if you have health insurance chances are, you would have a health home too and therefore NOER. NoHUGEmedical bills.No Problems.:)

Let’s Get Covered America.