Training and Education

Gateway to Care provides several coordinated health training programs to assist the community in better health management. Our programs consist of:

Community Health Worker Training Institute

Gateway to Care Training Institute provides training for Community Health Workers. For current information, (click here).

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“Caring for the Caregiver” Education and Training Program

Learn about available offerings and resources, (click here).

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Disaster Preparedness and Public Health Training

Learn about available resources, (click here).

To schedule a presentation or for more information, please email our MRC office.

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“I frequently have patients come to me with chronic conditions such as diabetes, who cannot afford the lab tests and medications required to manage their diseases. ... these patients are very likely to wind up in hospital emergency rooms with conditions that might have been prevented. Gateway to Care has come through for patients over and over again.” • Dr. Mary Angela Knauss GTC Provider Health Network Volunteer Physician