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Do you have a Health Home? Why is a Health Home Important?

What is a Health Home? A Health Home is a primary care clinic or provider where you can access primary care, preventative care, and maintenance care for chronic diseases. Services should be accessible, comprehensive, and patient centered. Health Homes provide a team-based clinical approach that includes the patient (you), the healthcare provider, and family members, when appropriate.

Why is having a Health Home important? A 2006 study found that racial and ethnic differences disappear in terms of access to medical care when a person has a health home. In fact, three-fourths of whites, African Americans, and Hispanics with medical homes reported getting the care they need – when they need it

If you do not have a Health Home, find one today by calling Gateway to Care at 713-783-4616. Our friendly Health Service Systems Navigators will guide you through the process of identifying a Health Home. Navigators are experienced and professional Community Health Workers who can help connect you to the resources you need to stay healthy and live well, including:

  • Identifying a Health Home for you and your family
  • Assisting with applications for programs which you or a family member may be eligible
  • Connecting/Referring you to the healthcare services you need – in your community!

We will help you navigate the healthcare system, resulting in:

  • Educated patients who take charge of their health and the health of their families
  • Fewer visits to the Emergency room – ER’s should not be used for primary care. This leads to a:
  • A healthier you!
  • A healthier family!
  • A better quality of life!

Questions about Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act?

The Federal Government has launched a website at www.healthcare.gov with information for consumers. It is updated regularly, so feel free to check back for new information often. For questions call toll free 1-800-318-2596.1-800-318-2596

Locally, the Enroll Gulf Coast Health Insurance Marketplace Collaborative works to coordinate enrollment efforts in the Greater Houston/Harris County region. Gateway to Care is a member of this collaborative. For local help with enrolling or questions about the Health Insurance Marketplace, go to www.enrollgulfcoast.com or call 1-832-393-5423.

Clinic Information

Gateway to Care maintains a comprehensive list of clinics. When scheduling an appointment with a clinic, please ask for required information needed to confirm eligibility. Click below to see clinics of interest:

Other Clinics:

US Department of Health and Human Services “Find a Health Center”
Texas Association of Community Health Centers
Texas Rural Health Clinic

211 System

The 2-1-1 Texas/United Way website uses the databases of local Area Information Centers and gives you the ability to search for health and social services from more than 60,000 state and local programs. To access their website, go to www.unitedwayhouston.org/our-211-helpline. From food stamps to child care or help for an aging parent, if you need assistance, you can also dial 2-1-1 any time of the day or night. Knowledgeable staff who live in your area will speak with you and answer your questions.