Leading Communities Toward a Culture of health


Gateway to Care has accomplished a lot over the past 15 years. However, we didn’t and can’t do it alone! We have nearly 190 Member or Affiliate partners who have worked with us to share a common thread of striving to bring health care resources and services to under-served and vulnerable communities in the Texas Gulf Coast Region. The Gateway to Care Collaborative convenes multidisciplinary stakeholders to facilitate the sharing of ideas, expertise, and resources to meet needs and resolve issues in our community.


The Collaborative’s core objective is to overcome the fragmentation and competition that characterizes relationships among regional healthcare providers. As a Collaborative, the Greater Harris County area is able to capitalize on state and federal grant dollars as well as garner support from national foundations. Today, Gateway to Care has a collaboration of nearly 190 organizations which have found power and success in working together!

Core Values of Collaborative Membership

  • Moves in a direction that facilitates unified data access
  • Results in efforts for the seamless coordination of services and care
  • Emphasizes evidence-based decision-making
  • Maximizes leveraging of funds from all sources
  • Emphasizes a holistic approach to clients and families including dental, mental, social and physical services
  • Facilitates a consumer friendly approach to service navigation, which emphasizes culturally and linguistically competent services
  • Achieves administrative/economic efficiency
  • Emphasizes community-based development planning and evaluation
  • Practices activities that respect the institutional integrity of the components
  • No Turf Wars!

Benefits of Joining

  • Voting rights on the organizational direction at Gateway to Care Collaborative Meetings
  • Networking and Information Sharing Events
  • Public Policy Updates and Membership Support
  • Access to the Provider Health Network
  • Best Practice Management Support
  • Access to GTC Email Distribution Sharing Among Members and Affiliates (for member organizations only)
  • Click here for a list collaborative partnerships (members & affiliates) of Gateway to Care! and…..


Member organizations have a vote and commit to be represented at 60% of the meetings of the Collaborative. Affiliate organizations do not have a vote and are usually engaged with one or more of the task areas associated with the Collaborative and are expected to attend meetings as appropriate to their area(s) of interest.