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Continuing Education

Once CHWs become certified, they must complete 20 hours of continuing education (CEU) to maintain their certificate.  Continuing Education must provide information that complies with the DSHS core competency mandates.  Of the 20 CEU hours required, at least 10 must be provided by a DSHS Gateway to Care certified Community Health Worker Training Institute (CHWTI).  Gateway to Care provides CEU most months, with the exception of March.

In March, CHWTI collaborates with other community partners to host the Annual CHW Conference in Houston, Texas.  In addition to the monthly scheduled CEU workshops, CHWTI offers classes and workshops throughout the year working to fill educational gaps.  The extra workshops are sometimes DSHS certified and sometimes not and are often in collaboration with other community partners.

Workshops are developed to fill the needs of CHWs, however certification is not required to attend. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email chwti@gatewaytocare.org.

Please note that our 2016 CHW CEU classes are:

  • Offered in English.
  • Subject to change (day may change).
  • Space is limited. Registration is strongly suggested. Registration link coming soon.
  • Begin promptly; students must be on time and stay the entire class to receive full credit.
  • Held at the Third Ward Multi service Center (Auditorium), 3611 Ennis St. Houston, TX 77004; phone number: 713-783-4616 Ext. 228.
  • More information click here:  chwti@gatewaytocare.org

You are invited to our next CEU lesson on: Nutrition and Exercise
March 31, 2017 from 8:30 am-11:00 am

You are invited to our next CEU lesson on: Nutrition and Exercise