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CHW Training Institute

In 2004, the Gateway to Care Community Health Worker Training Institute (CHWTI) became the 3rd institute certified by the state of Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

The program was developed to provide the tools and skills needed to help navigate clients, patients and community members through the complicated healthcare and social service systems, educate and advocate for them, and ensure they are utilizing the healthcare system to the fullest.  The institute delivers information about resources, service coordination, advocating, and communication.  The certification program provides 160 hours of study in the eight core competencies mandated by the state.   The CHWTI also provides continuing education to certified Community Health Workers (CHWs).

Upon successful completion of the certification class, participants are eligible to apply for certification from DSHS as a Community Health Worker (CHW) or Promotor(a).   For more information about state certification, click here.

Click GTC CHWTI Agency Affiliates to view a list of organizations that have sent staff through the training or hired graduates from the CHWTI.


CHWTI Trainings/Education Offered:

  • Certification Program: Successful completion of this 20 week, 160 hour course results in eligibility for DSHS state certification.  Classes for the second term of 2017 will begin on July 19, 2017.  To register for Term 2, click here.
  • Continuing Education: Provides CHWs with CEU hours to maintain certification. DSHS mandates 20 CEU hours bi-annually. You need not be a certified CHW to attend CEU classes.  To see  a current list of CEU classes, click Schedule of Classes.  Please note that class topics and schedule is subject to change.  To register for a CEU class, click here.

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To learn more, email chwti@gatewaytocare.org.